Ardith Plimack  Studio 21

Homage to Norman Lewis, 2016, 24”x 24”, oil, gesso and india ink


Artist Statement

I am a painter in oil, tempera, acrylic and mixed media. I used to have a successful ceramic dinnerware company and have also welded, done mosaic and painted decorative surfaces. I have a certification in Grief and Loss studies, am a life-coach and a palliative care volunteer. I have been trained in classical realism in Florence and Berkeley, and am otherwise a self-taught artist who loves engineering new techniques to express my main inspirations: modernism, abstractionism, natural surroundings and materials and tribal iconography.

I am a Marin County native who temporarily resided in New York City after meeting my NYC guy and husband of the last 28 years, after graduating college at UC Berkeley. Since our return to the Bay Area in 1987, we have been fortunate to live locally, raise a family and travel all over the world. My passions are observing art, life and relationship with open-minded appreciation and infinite curiosity.

I am for myself and against no one, and am grateful to be alive, in Marin and in union with friends, family, our adult kids and…the paintbrush!


Contact Info

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