Robert Cantor  Studio 7 & 8

Three Graces, (1 of 3), bronze with granite base


Artist Statement

“My work always begins with the human figure. I create these figures, often stylized, in the hope that through movement, kinetic tension, the exaggeration of form, or the sheer beauty of line, some thoughtful and heartfelt aspect of human experience will be revealed. For me, the most moving of all sculptural forms are those that capture the psychological ambiguities, conflicts, emotions, and hidden meanings of everyday life.

Some of the galleries have more specialized themes:

The “Anatomy of Melancholy” series consists of eleven pieces that portray the reflective nature of this familiar bittersweet experience. They start with the figurative, become more stylized in nature, and finally evolve into more abstract forms.

The “Theme and Variation” series takes the evolution idea a step further by having the evolution of form take place in the same sculpture, including playing with images from Picasso, Matisse, Brancusi, Giacometti, Botero, and Maillol.

The Transported series is an attempt to capture those rare moments of life, moments when we have an extraordinary experience of some greater meaning or understanding. Art, love, children, nature, drugs, sex, meditation, purposeful work, and ecstatic dance are just some of the things that can induce such transcendent states. This series of stylized sculptures attempts to portray the spirit of these moments.

In making all of these sculpted forms, my desire is to arouse something visceral; to comfort, to induce a chuckle, to invite reflection, and on occasion, to startle, to make the hairs stand up on your neck.”


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