Charles Goldman  Studio 15

Eyescape 1, acrylic and dry pastel on canvas, 36″h x 24″w


About Charles

Charles S. Goldman is a long time resident of the Bay Area (with a 20 year hiatus in Los Angeles). He cut his adult teeth in Berkeley, where in 1967 he helped form the experimental Magic Theatre as actor and poster artist. There he was inspired by poet-playwright Michael McClure’s “meat spirit creatures” who discovered the entire universe in a lump of raw hamburger. Goldman’s theater posters were the subject of an exhibit, the “10-Second Attention Span” in 1970, at a long gone Berkeley art gallery. After a long time of only intermittent experimentation in imagery with color photocopies and then computers, a few years ago he found pastels, acrylics and palette knives, and picked up where he left off. His most recent exhibit of paintings was in January 2017 in a group show at the Alley Cat Gallery in San Francisco.

Goldman continues to be inspired by the alchemy of matter, mind and spirit. His most recent series of “Eye” works abide in the lineage of abstract symbolism. Not quite mythical, not quite kitch, his high relief works move the rhythms, patterns and dynamics of elemental forces toward unity with boundless consciousness.


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