Bob Masuda  Studio 20

Manifest, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″


Artist Statement

I began art in 1993. Starting in 1997, under the teachings of Chester Arnold at the College of Marin, I started my serious painting career. I have had several exhibits. I started my art life in 1992 after retiring from owning and operating several large healthcare companies. I graduated from the University of California School of Pharmacy with a doctorate degree in the 70’s. I currently own and work part-time as a pharmacist in my pharmacy, specializing in elder care, in order to continue my commitment to the community.

My paintings reflect my desire to connect the right and left sides of my brain, the artistic with the linear side. I rotate from figurative to abstract paintings, always dancing on the edge between controlled paintings versus the uncontrolled. I have discovered a great deal of discipline is required for any painting. With figurative there is immediate direction, while my abstracts often take on a life its own.


Contact Info

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